Three-hundred years of unchecked industrial and population growth has resulted in extreme heat, flooded coasts and plains, acidified oceans, mass-extinctions, and billions of humans living in perpetually tenuous states of existence. Humans are now faced with the most critical questions of our species’ short history: Do we continue to exploit the world’s resources in an unsatisfying hedonic freefall until the planet is uninhabitable or do we mobilize and find new systems that will support the planet and its myriad living-systems in perpetuity?

The Change Order Group is mobilizing. We are designing and developing real-estate that supports life on earth for generations to come by master-planning value-driven mixed-use developments that help humans achieve ecological, economic, and existential balance with all life on earth.


  • Respect. Whether it’s a little bumble bee, a redwood tree, or a human across the globe, we respect and value all living things..
  • People. Of all the species, we believe humans deserve special attention. We believe their health and wellbeing is directly related to the health and wellbeing of the planet.
  • Play. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed and that play is as great a priority as work.
  • Diversity. We believe the most robust systems are diverse ones.
  • Humility. We understand the enormity of the challenges we are facing. We understand we know but a little and welcome new information and feedback.
  • Efficiency. We embrace the notion that using less of everything eliminates the false scarcity that is baked into our current way of doing business.
  • Integrity of Systems. Everything and everyone is connected and we will not displace our waste or costs on other parties just because we can.
  • Vitality. We believe that life can and should do more than exist —that a vital and healthy existence for all life is our ultimate aim.
  • Urgency. We believe the challenges before us, if not met immediately, will condemn future generations or fate them to miserable lives correcting for our sins. The time to do the right thing the right way is now.


  • Master-planning and developing new, climate-ready, low-embodied and operational energy, multifamily and/or multi-unit housing projects.
  • Master-planning and developing existing properties with a focus on adaptive-reuse and deep rehabs with energy, food, and cultural programmatic elements. Hotel to residential conversions are one area of particular interest.

We work with developers and investors across the globe to help them design, construct, and operate future-focused buildings with programs determined by rigorous economic, climate, behavioral data-analysis.

Please contact us if you would like to know how we can work with you.