David Friedlander

Few people have been more influential and accurate about the future of living —and the future of housing in particular —than David Friedlander. 

A second generation startup executive, David can be directly linked with many of the world’s most cutting-edge real-estate projects, people, initiatives, and technology of the past decade. 

The Change Order Group is the consummation of his decades spent researching, networking, publishing, observing, and pushing his future-thinking agenda within the real-estate development and investment worlds. 

More than an entrepreneur, David has continually sought to bring the modern industrial economy in harmony with personal and planetary health. He has continually used his life as a testing ground for novel lifestyle designs. His life-experiments have landed him two features in The New York Times, a seven-page feature in Dwell’s “Small Space Issue,” the Netflix-featured documentary, “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things,” and several other major media outlets.

Past positions and clients

LifeEdited, Resource Furniture, Dwell Magazine, Panoramic Interests, Starcity, Urbaneer, Kasita, FullStack Modular, Lowe’s Innovation Labs (Lowe’s Home Improvement), Hothouse Marketing + Communications, The Change Order Podcast.

Past Collaborators Include:

Space10 (IKEA’s innovation team), Common Co-living, Ollie Co-Living, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired Magazine, Ori Systems, Dror Poleg (ReThinking Real Estate), Nooklyn (Brokerage), The New Lab, Urban.Us, Urban-X, Metaprop, The Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Summit Powder Mountain, The National Building Museum, The Citizens Housing and Planning Council (CHPC), Outlier Tailored Performance.